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Worcester - Le Mistral Club of PetanqueEdit

  • see the Boston Petanque Club

Boston - Boston Petanque ClubEdit

  • The Boston Petanque Facebook group page is This is a group for people in the greater Boston area who are interested in playing pétanque. Play is ad hoc. Post there if you're looking to play.
  • There are suitable locations to play in Boston and the surrounding area.
    • Perry Park in Somerville
    • Burns Park (422 Summer Street) in Arlington
    • Commonwealth Ave. at Charlesgate (behind Leif Ericsson statue)
    • the Rose Kennedy Greenway (in front of Hotel InterContinental)
  • See also
  • About the time of World War I, almost half-a-million Armenian refugees fled the Armenian genocide and settled in the Marseille area, where they learned both French and petanque. Later, many of those French-speaking, petanque-playing French-Armenians emigrated to Worcester, MA, which is today home to a significant Armenian-French-American community. What began as the Le Mistral club in Worcester eventually evolved into today's Boston Petanque Club
Terrain MA Boston 01
Terrain MA Boston 02

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