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Eugene - Eugene Pétanque International ClubEdit

  • E.P.I.C.!
  • We are an FPUSA member club. See FPUSA for email and contact information.
  • We are the largest junior-based club in the U.S.A. Our club started out of our high school league which began in 1998 and continues today. In 2008 we expanded the club to include adults.
  • We play on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at University Park, E 24th Avenue & University St, Eugene, OR 97405 — Map
  • We have extra boules and are happy to teach you how to play! 
UP Sunday Streets

Sunday play in University Park

IMG 0158

High school play on our terrain in University Park

Lake Oswego - Lake Oswego Petanque ClubEdit

Terrain OR LakeOswego LakeOswegoPetanqueClub

Portland - Portland Petanque ClubEdit

Terrain OR Portland PortlandPetanqueClub
Terrain OR Portland PortlandPetanqueClub2

Portland - Portland BouligansEdit

  • The Portland Bouligans no longer meet.
  • At one time, they met in Jamison Square

Portland - Jamison Square - terrain in park Edit

  • At one time, a group called the Portland Bouligans met and played in Jamison Square.
  • It looks like a nice natural terrain. (Map)
Terrain OR Portland JamesonSquare

Williams - Rogue BouligansEdit

Terrain OR Williams RogueBouligans winter terrain in the barn

Grooming the terrain in the winter boulodrome.